iGPS for webOS devices

ZE-PALM - iGPS  iGPS   v2.2.0             



Track, Graph, Export and Share your outdoor activities.

  • iGPS is based on the built-in GPS chipset of your HP/Palm to Track, Graph, Save and Export your outdoor activities such as running, biking, hiking, ..., or any other activity where you want to track your route.
  • All your tracks are saved on your Palm and you are able to consult details and graphs as you want.
  • iGPS allows you to export your track in GPX or KML format in order to visualize your trace in Google Earth, Google Maps or any GPX or KML-capable application. Export of all datas of a track for an efficient draw and analyse of your track.
  • iGPS allows you to view you current position in Google maps (satelitte view).
  • iGPS is also ideal for geocaching. Send your current position via SMS or Email.
  • iGPS is webOS 2.x ready.
  • iGPS allows you to Pause/Resume your track.
  • iGPS allows you to share your tracks via Facebook and Tweeter.
  • iGPS can be used in any situation in motion: car, skiing, train, boat, flight, ...., the only condition is to have at least a connection with a minimum of 3 satellites. For the rest iGPS is in charge to provide you.
  • When your webOS device is not moving iGPS don't count nodes.
    Once you have a good GPS fix, visualize in realtime all relevant informations (depending on selected units), such as :

  • Speed : Current, Average and Max.
  • Rotating compass in full screen with data location.
  • Time elapsed.
  • Distance.
  • Altitude: Current, Min and Max.
  • Trace the route on a map with advanced features (Full screen, Zoom +, Zoom -).
  • Slope (%).
  • Speed and Altitude graphs.
  • Calories burned according to the selected workout.
  • GPS signal strength(weak to strong).
  • Number of GPS points acquired.
  • Latitude & Longitude.
  • Hor. & Vert. accuracy.
  • Total Ascent and Descent.
  • Calories burned according to the selected workout.
  • Save track in the dedicated calendar iGPS
  • Rename track
  • Pause/Resume a track.
  • Total time paused displayed.
  • Share your tracks via Facebook and Tweeter
  •  ...
  • iGPS is available in different langages: English, French, German, Spanish




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    ZE-PALM - iGPS


    ZE-PALM - iGPS

    Main screen


    Select your activity





    Details of your track


    Trace of your route in real time with tags



    Full screen Compass (tap on to display or hide)


    Altitude and Speed Graphs on main screen


    ZE-PALM - iGPS


    ZE-PALM - iGPS

    Speed and Altitude graphs


    List of all saved tracks and features


    ZE-PALM - iGPS in Google Earth

    Export track in KML format then drag it in Google Earth