ZE-PALM : Tips & Tricks to custom your Palm 


Whatever your knowlegdge, newbies or Palm's guru, these tips or hidden features will allow you to custom applications of your PALM

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Remove blank lines from Agenda

Funny easter eggs (4)

Remove automatic Auto-off

Sort by alphabetical order

Move appointments whithout write again

Visor's hidden features

Palm T3 Update

Import a list of contact in Address Book

Palm T5 Update




Remove blank lines from Agenda

To  display  only  appointments :

  • Click on menu icon in the Graffiti area
  • Select   options
  • Select   preferences
  • Set   "start hourt" and "end hour" to the same time (eg. Starting 8:00       Ending 8:00)
  • Valid by OK

Only appointments  are displayed

Remove automatic Auto-off

Palm Auto-off automaticaly if it's not used. It's useful to save batteries BUT the time duration in "preferences" allows to choose between  30'', 1,2' ou 3'. Sometimes is too short.

This tip will allow  to avoid auto-off but you switch-off your Palm.

  • Create a new  Memo
  • Draw  this special symbol from "text Graffiti"area
  • Made 2 quick  taps (as you write a point)
  • Write a 3 in "numeric Graffiti " area. 

The text below will be inserted in the memo :
[No Auto-Off]

To remove it, set again in "Prefs" a new value

Move appointments whithout write again

If you have an appointment postponed to a new date, don't remove it. Use this tip :

  • Set weekly mode (your appointments are displayed with rectangles)
  • Click on the appointment you want to move AND keep   a press with  stylus
  • Move the rectangle in order to place it at the new date

 It's equivalent to Drag and Drop in Windows !!!

Easter Eggs

4  OS hidden features (tested on Palm OS 3.1).

  1. Taxi
    • Active the Main Menu and keep a pressure on "next page".
    • Draw a ligne to left side in "Graffiti" area

    A taxi will cross the screen 

  1. Easter Egg
    • Active "General" sub menu  in "Prefs" menu
    • Draw an overclockwise circle on the screen above Calc button

An easter egg will appear in right down hand of the screen

  1. Worm
    • Active "General" sub menu  in "Prefs" menu
    • Set "ponctuation" mode with the stylus (made a point in "Graffiti" area)
    • Draw a h lower case

    A worm will cross the screen (it's not a virus)

  1. Credit box
    • Load the Memory/Info/Delete application from the App menu
    • While pressing the stylus on the title bar (at the top)
    • Press  the plastic Scroll Down button

An animated credits windows appears and form the sentence
"The Palm Engineering Team"

Sort memos, tasks, names by alphabetical order

By default Palm OS sorts database (names, tasks, memos) by alphabetical order.

It's possible to modify this particularity if you want to display an information which is normaly in the middle or at the end of a list.
You only put a point or any punctuation symbol in front of the name you want to appear.
exemple :
ZE-palm" is at the end of the list (in alphabetical order)
.ZE-palm" will display on top of the list

Visor's hidden features

For Visor Edge's users.

  1. About your batterie
    From the launcher, press the button "top arrow" and simultaneous tap on the graphical batterie indicator.
    A window apears displaying:
    • Actual tension in milliVolts unit (Voltage)
    • The "No load" in milliVolts unit
    • The "Load" in mW unit
    • The percentage of energy
  1. Setup the contrast
    Launch "Prefs" pplication and set the date at 1st january 1904 then proceed like to configure the luminosity. Cursor mouvements adjust the contrast.
    Set the actual date.
    The configuartion is setup as after a soft reset. Useful


Import a list of contact in Address Book

Use Excel to import many contacts in your Address book.

Follow the method below :

  1.  Enter all your contacts in an Excel sheet.
    • Ex::   
  1. Save the file in CSV format==> File>Save As ...>
    • Select CSV in the field "File Type:"
  2. Run Palm Desktop
  3. Select "Address" application
  4. Import your CSV file ==> File>Import...
    • Select "Comma Separated (*.csv;*txt)" in the field "Type :"
  1. Change field's order if necessary to put them in accordance with Palm's fields
  2. Perform a Hotsync

That's all !


Reminder: To set or check the CSV format configuration (Comma Seprated Value) on your PC.

    • Go to Start>Parameters>Configuration Pannel
    • Run Local Parameters
    • In the sub-menu Number check "," (comma) as List Separator


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