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is dedicated to all PDA under Palm OS license: Palm, Sony, Handspring, ...

Palm user is very interested in news concerning his PDA and wants to know tips to customize, how to do, find a software that suits his needs, exchange remarks, ...

ZE-PALM exists for these reasons.


ZE-PALM is a web site where you'll find news in addition to other sites.

You'll find :

        Essentials Palm software described and classified by categories 


        Exchange areas :

        • A Forum to ask a question, find a solution or express yourself.
        • Contact pages for your suggestions, improvements, ...

          Software to download  . Users feedback attest efficiency of these softwares. They are reviewed by press magazine and enclosed in the cover CD. Download and Try them !

      Download and test the (i)_Softs for Palm OS

      ZE-PALM - (i)_World


      The most complete world atlas of 224 countries, 460 large and high detailed maps, 8500 key facts,  and much more ...
      Standard Edition  or   Pro Edition v2.3

      will be your keys for the web.

      will be the proof of your good faith

      will be your coach

      will be your favorit assistant for your travels

      The most powerful confidential information manager.

      will be your "financial minister"


      will help you to increase your organization and keep your PDA powerful