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(i)_Web V2.2


The concept of (i)_Web is to store, sort and have access to a record as quick and simple as possible whithout ask questions about how run the application.
(i)_Web allows you to keep track all your favorit URLs and associated data : username, password, Email addresses, notes, ... with particularity to sort database with filters.

As your records are classified by category, it is easy to find one of them by a simple query.
(i)_Web is an easy-to-use application. Thanks to it's graphic interface. Hopefully program usage is pretty much self evident.

Many new features in version 2.2

V 2.2 is designed to support v 1.0, .... and v 2.1databases.


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(i)_Web v2.2
Palm OS 3.5 mini

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(i)_Web Screenshots

ZE-PALM - (i)_Web

ZE-PALM - (i)_Web

ZE-PALM - (i)_Web

Main Screen

Data Form Entry

Username and Password




ZE-PALM - (i)_Web

ZE-PALM - (i)_Web

ZE-PALM - (i)_Web

Direct access to your records  Site/User/Passswd

or to the site's description

Enter notes on the fly



Version 2.2 (29/12/2003)

 Palm OS5 compliant


Improvement of 2 table views  :

  • Number of records are automatically calculated
  • Records are alphabetically sorted  <--------- suggested by user
  • Interface Design enhanced


New features :

  • New field : web site Name
  • Stylus color in Quick Note screen
  •  Eraser feature in Quick Note screen


Version 2.1 (20/04/2002)

Huge Evolution ==>  Color or Grayscale version.


Improvement of 2 table views :

  • table rows number increased.
  • calculation of records number in a selected category.


New features :

  • Beam a record  <--------- suggested by user
  • Fields added : "https:// ou https://www." in the popup selection. <--------- suggested by user


Version 2.0 (14/02/2002)

Global modifications are included to improve accessibility from HOME screen and to satisfy the concept of "as quick & simple as possible" :

  • to create a new record (direct access to a blank form entry)
  • to accede to Graphic area (direct access to a blank graphic area)
  • to return to HOME screen


New features are :

  • New select popup http:// or http://www.    <--------- suggested by user
  • New fields in Email screen. Each Email address can be named
  • New design of Edit category
  • 2 New features to sort the database:
    • Description and Name of an URL in it's category
    • Username, Password and Name of an URL in it's category
    • New feature Eraser in Graphic Area.   <--------- suggested by developer


Version 1.2 (07/11/2001)

  • New icon interface. Icons are labelled to avoid mistakes.      <--------- suggested by user
  • New graphic interface. More clear
  • New field IP address      <--------- suggested by user
  • Possibility to reach the graphic area directly from the URL's record .


Version 1.1 (30/04/2001)

  • New user interface to enhance accessibility (close window icon like microsoft application)
  • New start screen to accede quickly to the 3 main features.
  • Enhanced "record screen" :
    • new field DATE        <--------- suggested by user
    • username and password are filled in  special screen     <--------- suggested by user
    • new fields Email
    • new fields Telephone
    • new field Note +     <--------- suggested by user
  • New feature "Quick Note / Graphic Area"