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The most powerful confidential information manager.

(i)_PassID is the most powerful software to keep track all your personnal and confidential information such as bank accounts, credit cards, email accounts, web logins, ....
(i)_PassID is very flexible, you may create your own categories, sub-categories, and customize all  field labels and icons.
Additionally, you may export your entire database or a single record to the Memo application or in CSV format.
(i)_PassID provides very quick access to all of your infomation. The list view diplays all your items in ascending order.
You may filter your database using the both filters : category AND sub-category.
Of course,
(i)_PassID is password protected.

(i)_PassID specifications :
- Illimited number of categories and sub-categories.
- Customize categories and sub-categories.
- Customize all field labels of each category.
- Customize icons (
download the software to custom or create your own icons)
- Password protected.
- Filter the database by 2 filters (Category AND SUb-Category)
- Export whole database in CSV format.
- Export whole database to the built-In Memo application.
- Export a single record.
- Attach a note to each record.
- Resolutions supported: 160x160 320x320 320x480 240x320
- Portrait or landscape mode.
- HiRes icons.
- Palm OS 5 compliant.

(i)_PassID is Palm OS 5 compliant (See screen shots)


An idea, a suggestion, a remark, ... to improve (i)_PassID


Download and Test
(i)_PassID v1.0

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Download Icon Mgr to custom or create your own icons  freeware


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(i)_PassID v1.0
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(i)_PassID screen shots

ZE-PALM - (i)_PassID


ZE-PALM - (i)_PassID

The list filtered by 2 filters and sorted


Category and field labels Customization.




ZE-PALM - (i)_PassID


ZE-PALM - (i)_PassID

Detail of record


(i)_PassID Icons




ZE-PALM - (i)_PassID


ZE-PALM - (i)_PassID

Set or change your own password


(i)_PassID Menu




v 1.0 (29/06/2006)

  • 1st version.