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Are you an Athlete ?
If you are a runner, a biker, a jogger, ... elite or average athlete and if you want to improve your training,
(i)_Coach is designed for you.

Fill in details each of your training: duration, distance, weather, difficulty, heart frequency, ... then whatever your sport, have a view of your performances.
You can perform advanced queries to monitor your activities during the last 7, 15 or 30 days or a date range with graphic representation

You can store your trainings into the built-in Palm DateBook application.

Your training will be stored as an event with essential informations such as : Title and Sport category. A note attached will be set with Distance, Duration, Average speed and the note you have entered in (i)_Coach.

You can analyse in details your trainings and export them into Excel, using the Desktop application PDBExplorer (windows application)

Calculations based on your datas will complete your training :

  • Average speed
  • Calories burned during your activity (take into account duration, speed, distance and your profile)


Additionally, (i)_Coach allows you to monitor your physical condition by providing useful indications about your heart and body like:

  • Maximum Heart Rate
  • Target Heart Rate
  • Body Mass Index,
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Ideal Weight

These indications are issued from medecine research and applied by the science and sport community.
- Miller's and Quételet's formulas
- The Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.
- Compendium of Physical Activity.
(Miller's and Quételet's formulas).

(i)_Coach is designed for colour and greyscale devices and is compatible PALM OS 5

 Updates are free for registered users

Improvements of V1.7 ?                                    (i)_Coach reviewed


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(i)_Coach Screenshots

ZE-PALM - (i)_Coach

ZE-PALM - (i)_Coach

ZE-PALM - (i)_Coach

Main Screen

Data From Entry

Calories burned




ZE-PALM - (i)_Coach

ZE-PALM - (i)_Coach

ZE-PALM (i)_Coach

Advanced Queries.
The last 7, 15 or 30 days

Advanced Queries
Date Range

Graphic representation




ZE-PALM - (i)_Coach

ZE-PALM - (i)_Coach

ZE-PALM - (i)_Coach

Your training automaticaly stored into your DateBook

Your "Heart" parameters

Your "Body" parameters


(i)_Coach grayscale screenshots

ZE-PALM - (i)_Coach

ZE-PALM - (i)_Coach

ZE-PALM - (i)_Coach

Main Screen

Data Form Entry

Your Profile




ZE-PALM (i)_Coach

ZE-PALM (i)_Coach

ZE-PALM - (i)_Coach

Graphic representation

Your "Heart" parameters

Your "Body" parameters



v 1.7 (01/03/2004)

    • Graphic representation for statistics
    • New screen to enter physical properties of each training (relax heart rate, max heart rate, weight)
    • Numeric keypad to enter all numeric values (quicker and easier)
    • New categories editor (very powerful tool)
    • New setup wizard to install (i)_Coach on Palm
    • Weather icons are more clear for B&W devices
    • Transfert of physical properties (Desktop app)
    • Enhancement of the template file "MyPerfs.xls"
    • 10 Kb less than v1.6


v 1.5 (10/03/2003)

    • Advanced queries to monitor your activities during the last 7, 15 or 30 days or a Date range.
    • Trainings can be stored in the built-in DateBook Palm application with essentials informations.


    • Palm OS 5 compliant
    • The transfert module Coach2Excel is a full windows application. Easy to use and efficient
    • All calculations are rounded to 2 decimals or as an integer
    • Tables view have rows color


v 1.4 (06/10/2002)

    • All calculations performed in the 3 modules "My Stats", "My Profile" and "New" are automatic
    • In "My Stats" module, the selection of a sport to sort the database is held for all the tables.
    • Fill in a new training is more direct (2 clics instead of 3)
    • The number of records displayed in each table  is increased (9)


    • You are able to export your trainings in Excel using a direct and automatic convert tool : Coach2Excel


  • The application is composed by 1 program (3 in the previous versions) AND has 30Kb less
  • Cosmetic improvements to enhance the interface. 


v 1.3 (13/05/2002)

  • Colour or Grayscale version. 1 program for the both screen definition.
  • Improvement of Home feature. Return to Main Menu is direct
  • Categories are sorted in alphabetical order. Select a category is more convenient and efficient to filter the database.
  • In the Form Entry, the date is automatically set and displayed
    • Calories burned.   <--------- suggested by user
    • Calories burned are performed for each training regarding Running, Cycling and Race Walking

    • Your Profile.
    • Your own parameters (age, weight, ...) are stored and used to calc your "Heart", "Body" caracteristics and Calories burned.

  • Cosmetic improvements to enhance the interface.


v 1.2 (17/01/2002)

  • The access to enter a new  training has been enhanced.
    • Approach is more simple in order to avoid many "clicks"
    • Minor bug fixes. Improvement to create a new training. (In the previous version, the entry of a new category from the training form entry created 2 new trainings. It was needed to delete one)
  • The database is always chronologically sorted (from recent date to oldest). Useful for consultation. It's not necessary to use navigation arrows to go to the last record. It is immediately displayed.
    • Number of records stored (of all the database)
    • Number of records in each category.
    • Total time   <--------- suggested by user
    • Ideal Weight
    • New unit system Lbs/Feet/Inches for "BODY" calcultors <--------- suggested by user

v 1.1 (17/01/2002)

  • New graphic interface of entry form.
    • screen is more clear. All screen area is used (160x160)
    • "Weather" icons are bigger
    • Duplicate a record    <--------- suggested by user
  • Improvement of feature "category" (direct acces to fill in a new category)


v 1.0 (07/12/2001)

  • 1st version