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If you are looking for high quality accessories for your PDA or smartphone, we advice you to visit our partners.
Additionally, ZE-PALM offers you a discount when you purchase.
Don't forget to note the codes below.


ZE-PALM - Proporta

Proporta is a manufacturer and  distributor of accessories and softwares for PDA, SmartPhone, Mobile phones, MP3 players,...

 Our partnership with Proporta offers you a dedicated store where you can save 10% .

To take advantage of this discount, order your accessories by connecting to this private store dedicated for you.



ZE-PALM : le site dédié au PDA sous Palm OS, Palm, Sony, Treo, Tungsten, .... Logiciels shareware et freeware ...

 Piel Frama is a high quality hand made leather cases manufacturer for PDA, mobiles, ...see reviews

To take advantage of 10 Euros discount, note in the "Comment" field of Piel Frama purchase order page :